L’avantage VSV

Sunset - Turquoise Blue

Take advantage of our acquisition programs specifically designed to allow you to purchase a sailboat (monohull or catamaran) while reducing your costs.

With our programs tailored to your satisfaction, make your purchase a priority by putting your sailboat or catamaran in our fleet in the British Virgin Islands, east of Puerto Rico. This corner of the world is recognized as the paradise of sailing and fans come from all over the world to enjoy it. Stand out by buying a Hanse or a Bali catamaran and sail to Lake Champlain.  Several options are available to you.



guaranteed income program
Program with rental income
Exclusive Use Program  (With or Without Technical Management)
TANDEM Program ( Exclusive VSV 2 sailboats, 2 destinations, a single price )

The VSV advantage is characterized by a technical service and personalized after-sales service. You get the guarantee of an acquisition with peace of mind. VSV is recognized for taking the greatest care of sailing boats (monohull or catamaran) that it sells or manages in its fleet. Our staff is dedicated and trained to meet your needs. We carry out regular but above all preventive maintenance on all our boats, which guarantees a higher resale value. Our outstanding customer service is recognized in the industry and that’s why our customers have trusted us for 10 years now.