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When the kids are okay, Mom and Dad have a more restful holiday! Hence, this very special family package we put together. Taking a trip with the children is a remarkable experience. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is memorable enough. Doing it aboard a sailing yacht makes it that much more unique. Especially if the grandparents tag along. Actually, we’ve had parties that included two, three and even four generations of the same family aboard our yachts. Imagine the cherishable memories vacations like that can generate.   “Travel helps children grow.”

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We assure you the children will never get bored! We’ll plan shorter trips with longer stays at the beach, where they can dedicate all their energy to water fun. Swimming, building sand castles, hiking, scuba diving in a lifesize aquarium, treasure hunting, etc.



QUOTE:  “Thanks for being so friendly, down to earth and always available. This was a family vacation that will be forever etched in our memories.’ (Andrée K.)



Christopher Columbus discovered Tortola Island during his second expedition of 1493. Tortola is Spanish for “dove.” After the Spanish abandoned the BVI in search of richer lands, the islands became a haven for pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard. It was an era that produced numerous legends!


Jim Hawkins, the son of innkeepers, meets Billy Bones, a ragged and old rum-guzzling seaman under a terrifying curse. After Billy Bones dies, Jim discovers a treasure map in the old man’s sea chest. He tells Doctor Livesey and Squire Trelawney, and together they set sail aboard the Hispaniola in search of fortune and adventure. Long John Silver and his faithful parrot are also on board. Once on Treasure Island, a group of mutineers led by John Silver is out to steal the treasure. To be continued…

No piece of literature has immortalized the British Virgin Island’s history with pirates like Robert Louis Stevenson ‘s Treasure Island. Picture your children in those same limpid waters discovering their own treasures: colorful coral formations, exotic fish and other marine life found in the rock shelters of Normand Island, reputedly where the pirates hid their treasure.


Start preparing your children a few weeks before you leave. If possible, give them a copy of the book Treasure Island, and perhaps even a pirate eye patch. Have them read about and view pictures of the exotic fish they’ll encounter when they go snorkeling. Buy them a disposable underwater camera so they can snap their own pictures. We’ll supply the pirate flag…


Reduce the base rate by $250 per child age 14 and under per 7-day week.

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