Tandem Program

WIlsboro Bay MarinaTANDEM is VSV’s new, unique and exclusive ownership program including all-inclusive turn-key personnal usage and management features.

This program allows you to own, privately, in group or corporately, TWO sailboats at TWO destinations (Lake Champlain AND the British Virgin Islands).

TANDEM allows you to maximize your sailing ALL YEAR LONG without the risks and wears of long shipments.

Moreover, all of your sailboat’s technical AND daily use management are provided by VSV AT BOTH LOCATIONS.

The TANDEM program highlights are :

– TWO Sailboats, TWO Destinations
– One Sailboat located at Lake Champlain, NY
– This sailboat is reserved for your EXCLUSIVE use and is NOT chartered
– Second sailboat is located at Nanny Cay Marina, British Virgin Islands
– This sailboat is chartered wihtin VSV’s charter fleet
– COMPLETE technical and daily management provided by VSV, AT BOTH LOCATIONS
– Preventive Maintenance
– Preventive & Emergency Repairs
– Inside & Outside Cleaning
– Bedding and Towels Laundry
– Seasonnal Hauls Outs & Launches

The TANDEM program is tailored for your complete, trouble-free use and management of your own sailboats.