Keeping Your Boat in the BVI – A Better Plan

Nanny Cay

At VSV we offer options that will allow you to affordably keep your new Hanse sailboat or Bali Catamaran in the Caribbean. The cost can often be lower than keeping a boat at a location with a much shorter sailing season.

A Better Plan:

Here are a few great reasons why keeping a new boat at the VSV base in Nanny Cay, BVI makes so much sense:

  1. The VSV base is located in the heart of what is considered by many to be the best sailing grounds in the world.
  2. Because VSV is the Authorized Service Center for the Caribbean, your boat will enjoy better care and more supervision than a marina close to home.
  3. Your life will be happier and more adventurous.
  4. We are a Canadian company that has been established in the BVI for the past 14 years. We pride ourselves as to the condition of all boats in our care.
  5. Your boat will be located at the VSV base at the Nanny Cay Resort and Marina. This is a great location onto itself.
  6. Sail for an hour or sail all day. There are endless great destinations among the 60 islands that make up the BVI. Other islands such as St. Martin or Antigua are also close by.
  7. You will sail more often. Trade winds are usually consistent throughout the year, blowing from 10 to 20 knots and almost always from the East.
  8. It’s much more fun and adventurous than sailing close to home.
  9. Your sailing season will be much, much longer.
  10. It doesn’t have to cost more. By participating in a limited VSV charter program, you can offset the cost of keeping your boat somewhere much more exciting.
  • This program is not the typical 35+ week charter commitment. It usually only requires about 12 weeks of charter to cover the following costs: dockage, power, haul and launch, annual bottom paint and hull polishing, Fall storage, maintenance and insurance.
  • This limited amount of charter is actually good for the boat and we take great pride in the condition of all boats in the VSV fleet.
  • The other significant savings you will enjoy is not paying sales tax in your home jurisdiction.

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