Fixed Revenues Program

photo-exterieur-hanse-385-21369‘THE ZEN FORMULA’

VSV’s Fixed Revenues Program is the ‘Zen, Trouble-free, All-Inclusive Formula’.

When purchasing a new Hanse or Wauquiez sailboat with VSV, a new owner can choose to include its new sailboat as part our VSV’s charter fleet in the BVIs.
VSV then takes charge of all the charter promotion and operations.
Your boat maintenance and repairs are also managed by VSV and a garanteed, monthly compensation is paid to you by VSV.

VSV’s Fixed Revenue Programs also limits the charter bookings to a maximum a 12 weeks per year, though limiting your boat wear and maintaining a superior long term resale value.

As the owner, you have access to your sailboat for personnal use 12 weeks per year, and you are welcome aboard your boat by VSV’s team with great dedication!

Our Fixed Revenus Program is always customized according to your new sailboat value and charter potential.