Promotion – Early birds de Hanse




‘’Hanse’s EARLY BIRD promotion is ongoing : take advantage from great savings on your next Hanse sailboat purchase ! Stand out while sailing a Hanse performant and confortable cruiser. Contact us for more information about this highly valuable promotion ! Did you know Hanse Yachts wins boatbuilder honor from British magazine  

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New sailboats coming this year with VSV


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Hanse 505 cuisine

There are new sailboats coming this year with VSV ! Hanse 415 monohull – Touch of Freedom Hanse 505  monohull – Avalon Sunset Also newly performing with VSV: BALI 4.5 catamaran – Wind of Change Be amongst the first ones to sail them bareboat, with skipper or even with full crew ! You will be […]

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Hanse Early Bird Promotion




                  To see the Hanse’s promotions for each sailboat click here : Hanse 315 : and click to ongoing promotion Hanse 345 : and click to ongoing promotion Hanse 385 : and click to ongoing promotion Hanse 415 : and click to ongoing promotion Hanse 455 : and click to ongoing promotion Hanse 505 : and click to ongoing promotion […]

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Hanse: Completely at home at sea



Carpenter using electric saw

Hanse: Completely at home at sea   Did you know the Hanse Yachts Group is the world’s 2nd leading yacht builder and the maker of numerous international award winning models? And that Hanse uses the most advanced technology, like Catia V5 software developed for the aerospace industry? Innovative design inspired by a long and fruitful collaboration […]

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