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VSV’s menus are simply delicious. Each meal is inspired by a destination. We build our menus around the objective of satisfying the most discriminating palates. Before your trip, you’ll receive a form to ascertain your food preferences and whether you have any food allergies or intolerances. The form also covers beverages, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, we’ve selected for your enjoyment. We carefully prepare everything from breakfast, snacks and lunches to cocktails, appetizers, main courses and desserts on board, and the presentation is a banquet for the eyes, too.


Cocktails and meals are a key component of any dream vacation. They evoke sitting backand delighting in the moment. Mealtime is granted special attention aboard our boats. From breakfast under the sun to dinner under stars, we always strive to transform each meal into a moment of pure bliss.

For a slight additional fees, we can also develop specific menus for special needs (menus without gluten, vegetarian, paleo).

We also know that you will want to sample some of the local restaurants and eateries to experience the full local flavour. As a result, your itinerary includes at least two meals ashore during your stay.  The fees for the restaurants are not include in your initial package.


Fruit juice, bowl of granola accompanied by our surprise oatmeal cake

Basket of baked goods (berry bread, muffins, croissants)

Porridge and ricotta pancake, three-melon salad

Assorted fruit, ham and cheese

Mexican-style scrambled eggs

Mini strata and multigrain toast

Chocolaty orange French toast


Vegetable juice, Lebanese-style roasted zucchini and pepper salad

Pasta Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper pasta)

Niçoise couscous, Island-style chicken wrap

Vegetarian spinach pizza with garden salad

Taco with avocado and grilled corn salad

Eggplant and sundried tomato rigatoni


Cool cocktails (Pain Killer, Sea Breeze, Pina Colada, White Sangria, Margarita, etc.)

Antipasti and prosciutto

Side dish of red pepper and vegetable dip

Cheese straws, olive focaccia

Black olive spread, goat cheese and pesto canapés

Toasted pita chips and hummus, salsa, guacamole and tortillas, assorted nuts

Praline and brandy topped camembert

DINNER (appetizer and main course)

Zucchini vichyssoise

Raspberry brie green salad

Tomato and mango salad

Romaine salad with grilled pear and blue cheese

Zucchini and tomato tian

Poached salmon topped with fine herb sauce

Penne with shrimp and grilled red pepper

Flank steak marinated Mediterranean-style and topped with chimichurri sauce

Chicken cacciatore

Mahimahi fillet in mango coulis and Caribbean salsa


Yucca fries

Boureki (Cretan zucchini and potato pie)

Tomato and herb stuffed chayote

Coconut milk rice, ginger beans

Herb-flavoured sweet potatoes, white wine braised leek


Berry clafouti tart with almonds and honey

Rum flambéed bananas

Chocolate fudge

Key lime pie


Coffee, selection of black and herbal teas


QUOTE: “Fantastic adventure, incredible food. I’m hooked on sailing! » (Bruno C.)