About Us

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Vacances Sous Voiles is a Quebec-based sailing vacation company and sailboat distributor that has been operating in the British Virgin Islands since 2004, and more recently in the Lake Champlain region.


The private company was founded by the husband and wife team of Michèle Riva and Michel Guerra, two longtime sailing enthusiasts who started this venture by acquiring one yacht and crewing it as hostess/chef and skipper. In just a few years, the operation grew to include more sailboats over and above the one they were crewing. With the fleet expanding and more and more holidays being booked, the business of running a fast-growing VSV meant less hostessing and skippering for the founders.


The VSV staff gradually grew based on vacationers’ needs and expectations, but most importantly, in line with the owners’ strict customer satisfaction policy. The constant attention to detail and the personalized guest treatment have been VSV trademarks from the first day the company lifted anchor.

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In 2013, VSV took the bold step of diversifying its business. In addition to providing crewed or bareboat sailing vacations in the BVI aboard their magnificent monohulls and catamarans, VSV would also become the exclusive distributor of Hanse yachts for the Caribbean and Lake Champlain regions.


It was a key decision aimed at fostering the longevity of VSV in an increasingly competitive sailing market. Selling new yachts/catamarans is essential to satisfy demand. VSV is also looking into adding preowned sailboats to its roster of services.


The owners have since welcomed three new partners to the VSV family, all of whom share the owners’ vision for continuing to grow VSV in the customer- service-driven spirit that has been the company’s guiding compass since Day One.