2019 BVI Spring Regatta


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2019 BVI Spring Regatta

#BVISR or Why you should keep your Hanse yacht in the Caribbean!

This is a special year for us at VSV. Hanse yachts are now a class in the race and for the first time we have a group of Hanse yachts from our VSV Yacht Charter base in Nanny Cay, Tortola that will be participating.

This also happens to be the host location and and the marina has been busy building a new ‘Regatta Village’ that will be filled with food vendors, live entertainment and a very large bar!  It is going to be a spectacular event!

Over 60 yachts will be participating and Nanny Cay will be filled with excitement as the sailors make their way to the British Virgin Islands, the most perfect sailing location in the world! 





Nanny Cay 1regatta 2Hanse Avanti 3












The Hanse Class will include 7 of our owner-loved Hanse charter yachts and we are so excited to be participating! What is owner-loved ?? These yachts enjoy limited charter through our parent company, VSV, in Nanny Cay. Their owners enjoy the luxury of keeping their yacht in the BVI’s, knowing they are being extremely well cared for and still kept ready for them to enjoy.



Nanny Cay Soul Mate

Denis will be at the helm of his new Hanse 548 ‘Soul Mate’ and Richard, Helen & Rob will be crewing on separate yachts. Shirts are being made and the racers are preparing. Stay tuned for more info as the event approaches!


Did you see the Hanse yacht pictured above?  It is not one of ours, it’s the one to beat!  Jeremi Jablonski’s Hanse 43 ‘Avanti’ won in it’s class last year!  Photo from Facebook


Visit the BVI Spring Regatta website to enjoy more information and photos. https://www.bvispringregatta.org/